Counter Offers


In my 30 years of recruiting and following up on hundreds of resignations, I have never seen a counter offer benefit anyone other than the company. The fact is, the overwhelming majority of people that accept a counter offer are gone from that company within six months. They either leave on their own (the same reason they were looking in the first place tends to resurface) or they are terminated and replaced.

Fact. Most decent, well managed companies don’t attempt counteroffers. They perceive it as blackmail and no matter what the company says, you’ll always be a fidelity risk.

If your manager is a friend of yours, respects you and has your best interests at heart, then what you should hear upon your resignation is this; I’m sorry to see you go…..I wish your weren’t leaving, but I’m happy for you and want to wish you the best of luck.

Counteroffers are made in response to a threat to quit. Will you have to solicit another offer every time you deserve a raise, promotion, or better working conditions? Will this change the dynamic you have with management? Once you demonstrate your lack of loyalty you’ll likely lose status within the organization. When opportunities come up for future raises or promotions they won’t forget.

Counteroffers are nothing more than a stall tactic to give your employer time to replace you. Promises can be broken, and often are once the threat to leave has passed. If the urge to accept a counteroffer hits you, move forward with your new employer knowing you made the right decision. You can’t afford the risk waiting a few months to find out that those newly won promises are taken away.